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Coming soon: Underground rappel

An incredible adventure that you have never experienced before. You’ll be taken to a underground vertical semi illuminated tour where you will discover the surprise that’s awaiting for you at the end of the path. You can enjoy this experience during the day time or make it an exciting night outing.


Live a unique experience in the company of your loved ones, with a campfire while stargazing at the clear sky.


Come and live the Ally Glamping experience. You’ll be able to enjoy the unique & exclusivity that we offer.
By reserving your space (that’s approximately 80 meters square), you’ll get a camping tent, that includes a table, chairs,
a grill, campfire space and a private jacuzzi.

Every one of our camping tents have a 5 meter diameter, they include an adjustable thermostat, a mat,
a very comfortable queen size bed and 2 bed tables, a buro with enough space for your belongings.

Target Shooting

Reserve with us today! We have enough space for this activity to ensure your safety and make it as enjoyable as possible.

ally glamping-09


One of our main wishes is for you to enjoy nature in it’s finest form
while you get a relaxing massage. You can have your massage
under the sun or next to our lake or under the night sky.
Reserve with us to enjoy this.

Walking path

This is without a doubt one of our favorite activities.
Enjoy a morning walk to wake up all of your senses, our trees, paths
and the valley’s nature will allow this enjoyable experience.

Bicycle ride

Bring your own bicycle or rent one of our own
to take a bike ride.


About us

What kind of things are available at Valle de Guadalupe?

You can find excellent hotels, magnificent restaurants that have internationally known chefs for their excellent work in the kitchen.
You can also find the best national and local wines  with an
undoubtedly amazing experience.

The Story of Ally Glamping

Ally Glamping was inspired by the desire of having a space that could be connected to both; the uniqueness and the exclusivity that nature gives us.
Every sensation that Valle de Guadalupe offers, which isn’t just a place to relax, it’s also a place that offers a lot of fun and meditation in every stay.
Since 2010 it’s been carefully under planning & construction, throughout the years this project has been changing and taking form
until today´s concept. Every stone, every plant and every walking path, has been handmade with both the passion and the enthusiasm that our hosts deserve.
The doors of Ally Glamping have been open since January 1st 2021, ready with open arms to welcome adventurers, families, couples and groups
that are looking for an exclusive and unique experience.

Frequent questions

What are the conditions of the Jacuzzi?
Every camping space has it’s own private jacuzzi. The water heats to a secure desire temperature, allowing to maintain the water warm
until you’re done using the jacuzzi. Each guest receives clean and new water from a well.
The jacuzzi water is ready to use just from the minute the guest checks in, the water heater is turned off at 10 pm, but the water will maintain
its temperature for 2 to 4 hours, depending on the season.

What time is the check in and check out time?
The check in is at 3 pm and the check out it’s at 12 pm.

Does the place have a restaurant?
No it doesn’t, but there are at least 4 restaurants at  a 5-10 minutes walking distance.

Does the glamping service include a grill?
Yes, it does

Is it possible to check out after 12 pm?
Unfortunately no, we need to clean and sanitize the tents for the next guests.

Do the camping tents have a thermostat?
Yes they do, each tent has a minisplit that regulates the indoor temperature.

What activities can be done within the facilities?
Hiking, target shooting with post rifles, bonfires, barbecues, underground rappelling, bike rides, camping.



    Las Lomas al Tigre Km 3, 22766
    22766 Villa de Juárez, B.C. 

    +52 646 132 4048